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Civil Technician

Architecture and Engineering

Civil Engineer




Civil technicians’ duties depend on the specific project or their areas of expertise, but based on postings we analyzed, they all share core responsibilities: Conduct Site Surveys Civil technicians prepare for civil engineering projects by leading surveys and compiling information about proposed project sites. They visit sites to take measurements and determine whether they are appropriate for proposed projects, gathering information related to elevation and current utilization. For projects related to roadways, civil technicians also monitor traffic levels and surrounding road conditions. Prepare Blueprints and Specifications Civil technicians support civil engineers by preparing blueprints and specification sheets for entire projects or components. This can include developing dimensional drawings for project elements using computer-aided drafting programs or preparing material specification documents for contractors. Civil technicians also review plans and blueprints prepared by other team members to ensure that they’re technically sound and free of errors. Estimate Material Needs and Costs Civil technicians help maintain project budgets by estimating material needs and costs based on project blueprints and specifications. This can also involve reviewing bids and suppliers to determine the best costs for project materials and making recommendations to civil engineers and project leaders about vendors and suppliers. Inspect Construction Sites Throughout the project lifecycle, civil technicians conduct periodic inspections of sites and monitor contractor activities. These inspections involve making sure that contractors are following project specifications and blueprints while also adhering to local, state, or federal construction codes. While performing these inspections, civil technicians also provide advice or direction to contractors or work with civil engineers to determine whether project elements can deviate from the blueprints. Perform Material Testing Civil technicians test materials in a laboratory throughout the planning and construction process. This can involve taking soil samples and analyzing them, as well as conducting tests on construction materials and elements such as concrete. This ensures that projects are durable and safe for extended use and can affect decisions related to material and land use in the planning phase. Prepare Project Reports Throughout the project, civil technicians also prepare progress reports, presenting them to civil engineers and other personnel. They compare project timelines and costs to expectations and report on potential delays or issues that arise during construction. In many cases, civil technicians work on public works projects, such as highways and bridges, so these reports may also be used to share project information with the public and government officials.