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Head Commissioning Engineer (08a89f96ae34)

Architecture and Engineering





University Degree - Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with special subject of power transmission & distribution . Any special Course/Training on subject of Protection Relays Engineering & Application is desirable .Fifteen ( 15 ) years experience, of which Ten ( 10 ) years must be in Design , field application , project . Job Specification Site commissioning & Testing of protection relays , electrical plant testing at electrical substations & transmission line projects . Must have good technical background with management skills and well conversant with management reporting , records keeping , meetings , coordination and correspondence Should be well experienced in all subjects as per the following:Protection & Testing & Commissioning of transmission equipments, Power Transformer, Station. Aux. Transformers, Earthling Transformer, Reactors (Shunt & Series), Static Var Compensation equipments, Reactor Switching schemes with 1ph/3ph CBs, Switch Gears, Circuit Breakers 3 Phase & 1 Phase, Isolators, Earth switches, Line Earth Switches, Local Control Cubicles for CBs, Isolators, Earth switches, Double Busbar, Single Busbar, 1 ½ Breaker System, Busbar Earthswitches, Voltage Transformers 1ph, 3 phase Routine Tests, Various Types, Classes, for Various Purpose, Various Test, C.T. Switching Scheme, Gas Insulated Switchgear Bays, 33 Switch Boards, 13.8kv Switch Boards, Station Aux. AC Distribution, Auto Changeover Scheme, Station D.C Distribution, Duplicate DC Supplies Changeover Scheme, Batteries, Battery Chargers, Substation Earthing Grid, Outdoor Terminal Compounds, Structures, Over Head Lines Termination., Cable Termination, Line Traps, Carrier Equipment, Outdoor V.Ts. EMVT & CCVTs., Outdoor C.Ts Cable Ring C.Ts, Aux. Equipment MK Boxes in Terminal Compound, Control Room Equipments, Various Control Panels, Relay Panels, Pilot Wire Termination Boxes, Fault Recorder Panels, AVC Panels, Load Shedding Panels, ASE & ACSE Panels, Control Cables Laying, Trays, Routing, Trenches, Safeguarding, Power Cables Routing Trenches, Supports, Safeguarding, Sheath Earthing, Oil Filled Cables Pressure Gauges, Control Cabinets, Oil Pressure Tanks, Oil Piping, Air Compressor Plants, Air Line Distribution to CBs, Schematic Diagrams, Single Line Diagrams, Detailed Schematic Drawings, Interfacing of various Plants items, principles of schematic Drawings Various National Standards, Software based Drawings, Records Keeping, Second Injection of Protection Relays, Various Methods to Check Acceptance of Protection Relays at Substation Site. Check Settings, Computerized Testing, Experience on Secondary Injection Test Sets of various manufactures Like Programma, Omicron, Multiamp (Hathway), Devising Methods to Carry out specialized Tests, Devising Methods to Carry out Large Quantity Tests (Batch Testing), Primary Injection of CTs (Current Transformers), Various Methods to Check all aspects of CTs Installation in Field, All CT Related Tests, CT Switching Schemes, Verification of Correct Installation of Complete CT Scheme, VT Tests (Voltage Transformers (EMVT & CCVT), Various Methods to Check all Aspects of V.T.s, All VT Related Tests, Special Tests on CCVT (Outdoor Installation), EMVTs Outdoor & Indoor Installation, Verification of Correct Instalation of V.T. Scheme, C.B. Isolators, Earthswitches, LCC, Various Methods to Check All Aspects of Individual Operations, Interlock Verifications, Operating Times, Corelations of Aux. Contacts with Main Contacts Travel, Use of Test Point for Primary Circuit at Earthswitches, Antipumping, Autoreclose, Lockout Aspects of C.B.s, Switchsyn System Scheme for C.B. 3 Phase poles for Special Application - Switching of Reactors, Long transmission Lines, Large Power Transformers, Various Control Wiring Scheme, LCC Functions, Fault & Disturbance Recorders, All Aspects of Commissioning, Testing, Settings, Communications by Computer Interface & Remote Communications, Data Retrieval, Storage , Editing, Analysis of Fault records, Pinpointing fault Locations on Long, Medium, Short Transmission Lines, use of Various Related Software. Information Technology and Services - Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia About Us Reputed organization operating since last 15 years in the filed of Engineering and Computers, catering and Manpower Supply to various prestigious clients including Saudi Aramco, Saudi Electricity Co., SABIC etc.