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Job Details Saudi Arabia

Senior Product Engineer (0a2db3171bc0)

Architecture and Engineering





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Job Title Senior Product Engineer Location SA-Dammam - Dammam, 02 343722950 SA (Primary) Job Description Summary • Design and develop Floating/ Trunnion Ball Valve that conforms with industry standards such as ASME/API/NACE/ASTM/ANSI/BS/MSS codes and customer specifications. • Support customer request for valve applications for PBV product lines. • Create and modify existing Bill of Materials to ensure compliance to customer specifications• Develop and implement parametric design for new product development including design tables with all design parameters• Maintain design/manufacturing file for new product development • Provide engineering support to the customers and/or Sales staff. Essential Duties & Responsibilities • Maintain design improvement for PBV Trunnion & Floater Ball Valve.• Responsible for calculations, bill of materials, general assembly and component drawings, manufacturing routings for PBV Trunnion & Floater Ball Valve.• Provide technical support for operations, procurement, and manufacturing teams. • Troubleshoot root cause of valve design/manufacturing/test/RMA/NCR issues.• Create full design and manufacturing project files for new product development programs following internal standard Engineering Design Standards.• Complete Finite Element analysis on mechanical components to ensure suitability of design for all product applications• Perform Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis to define Cv values for new and existing products. • Develop Manufacturing assembly and test procedures, Installation, Operations and Maintenance manuals in compliance with required Specifications for new products.• Research new and existing materials and competitive product designs to ensure new designs are competing with the leading technologies.• Provide engineering support to sales for day-to-day inquiries from customers/ addressing engineering and technical aspects of customer inquiries.• Provide technical assistance to purchasing/production team to ensure on time product delivery• Visit & Evaluate Vendors as required in conjunction with Supply Chain and Quality Managers • Update product line to comply with latest design code revisions, improvement in production and overall product quality/ sustainability.• Review & approve Material Test Reports (MTR) to comply with relevant ASTM standards. • Coach and mentor new engineers for all design, manufacturing and application aspects related to valve products. • Identify all technical noncompliance with prevalent codes & design standards, propose value added design improvements and redesign and develop the floating and trunnion ball valve product lines to comply with the latest revisions of ASME/API/MSS/ASTM/BS/NACE codes & standards.• Update product line to comply with latest design code revisions, improvement in production and overall product quality/ sustainability.• Review & approve Material Test Reports (MTR) to comply with relevant ASTM standards. • Coach and mentor new engineers for all design, manufacturing and application aspects related to valve products. Job Requirements Education & Experience: Master of Science/Engineering (preferably Mechanical Engineering) from an ABET (Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology) and Ten (10) to fifteen (15) years of relevant work experience in valve design. P.E / F.E. preferable Skillset: Working knowledge & understanding of Materials (Metals, elastomers, polymers), Fluid Mechanics, Finite Element Analysis, Thermal Sciences, Manufacturing Processes (Foundry Practices, Machining Processes, Welding, Non-Destructive Testing), Design Intent & Interpretation, Environment Rules & Regulations Familiarity with ASME, API, ASTM, MSS, BS Codes & Standards 3D CAD Modeling – NX/Autodesk Inventor/Solid works/CATIA is preferable 2D CAD Drawing – AutoCADLanguage Skills: Ability to read, analyze and interpret general business periodicals, professional journals, technical procedures, technical drawings, Industry Codes & Specifications/ government regulations. Ability to write technical documents, reports, business correspondence and procedure manuals. Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from groups of managers, clients, customers, suppliers and the general public. Job Type Full-time Category ENGINEERING Education Bachelor's Degree Career Level Experienced (Non-Manager) Travel