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NDT Technician & RSO (4256d1ca4068)

Architecture and Engineering

Photonics Technician




Conduct Material Tests The primary responsibility of an NDT technician is conducting material tests using a variety of nondestructive methodologies and technologies. These methods can include thermal imaging, resonant testing, dye testing, and magnetic particle testing. With any methodology, the NDT technician’s main goal is to identify material flaws, such as incomplete welds, corrosion, or gaps that may affect performance or cause safety issues. Interpret Test Results After conducting tests and throughout the manufacturing process, NDT technicians interpret and analyze test results to assess materials. This can include examining film derived from X-ray imaging, assessing reports generated by testing equipment, and translating raw numeric data into actionable information to determine whether further tests are required or if the material being tested should be rejected outright. Prepare Test Reports NDT technicians develop, update, and issue documentation related to the tests they have performed. These reports generally outline the procedures used, the results of the tests, and any recommendations for manufacturing professionals or engineers. The NDT technician may also need to present these reports to aid in process improvement or to follow up on the results of a previous round of testing. Calibrate and Maintain Equipment NDT technicians ensure the accuracy of test results and prevent damage to materials by properly calibrating and maintaining their equipment. The NDT technician examines equipment settings prior to conducting tests and adjusts settings depending on the type of material being tested. In addition, the NDT technician also cleans up materials after testing to make sure machinery and equipment are ready for further use. Develop Processes and Procedures Finally, NDT technicians support quality assurance activities and rigorous testing by developing processes and procedures for their own work and for the work of other NDT technicians and teams. In this aspect of the role, the NDT technician may develop policy and procedure manuals, conduct training activities, or demonstrate proper techniques for using machinery and maintaining test data.