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LIGHTING DESIGNER (36cd197c0096)

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In order to design the lighting in a given space, a Lighting Designer performs many different tasks. We analyzed job listings for Lighting Designer in order to identify these core duties and responsibilities. Visit Project Sites In order to effectively design lighting systems for a given site, the Lighting Designer must travel to the site to assess and analyze it. They also communicate extensively with the customer while there to identify their desires and needs. A team of electrical engineers will typically travel with them to survey the site. Design Lighting After adequately assessing a project site, the Lighting Designer designs a lighting plan for the site according to customer specifications, the assessment of the site itself and safety concerns including state and local energy and building codes. During the design process, they act as a liaison between the client and engineering departments, balancing client desires and aesthetics with practical concerns. Manage Budget A Lighting Designer must pay attention to the budget of their project. Usually they are working within the financial constraints of their client, so they need to make sure as they are designing a lighting system that it remains within the client’s budget. They collect all receipts for expenses in order to track budget. Install Lighting Once their designs are approved, the Lighting Designer joins a team of people to go back to the site and install the lighting and electrical systems they’ve designed. They hang and focus all lighting devices and install proper electrical lines to power the lighting system