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Job Details Saudi Arabia


Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance

Supervisor of Housekeeping/Janitorial Worker




We analyzed a handful of project supervisors job descriptions to come up with the following list of project supervisors’ duties and responsibilities: Participate in the Project Planning Process Project supervisors work with the project manager to create a project plan and outline the resources needed to complete each phase of the project. Project supervisors must understand how each component contributes to the project to best supervise it to completion. Act as Communication Liaison between Low-Level Employees and Senior Management Project supervisors have to have a good rapport with low-level employees to gather valuable feedback regarding the production process. Happy workers are more productive, so it is up to project supervisors to work with senior management to settle any grievances. Coordinate Labor Needs and Train Employees Project supervisors are responsible for coordinating all labor needs for a given project. This involves picking internal team members, as well as hiring and training external labor when necessary. It also involves creating and delivering project instructions to all team members. Work with Account Management to Assess Client Needs Project supervisors spend a majority of their day collaborating with one department or another. This also involves meeting with the account manager for a given client project to clearly understand the client’s needs and budget, which is required to provide effective supervision. Facilitate the Purchase and Delivery of Resources Project supervisors work with the supply chain management team to order the resources necessary to complete a project. They also are responsible for the timely delivery of these resources. Make Sure Projects are Completed on Time and on Budget Project supervisors perform all the tasks necessary to keep a project on time and on budget. This involves keeping track of financial records, shipment records, daily labor logs, as well as constant communication with senior management.