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Job Details Kuwait

LOGCAP - Master Electrician (1f820dbc9e60)

Construction and Extraction




Al Ahmadi, Egypt


Louis Berger Services is currently looking for a full-time Electrician to support the LOGCAP V operation in Kuwait.

All applicants must pass a pre-employment drug screen and background check.


Serve under the direction of the Site/and or Power Plant Manager to operate and maintain diesel gensets and electrical power plant equipment and train other electricians/operators;Works with electrical teams or line crews to perform routine installation maintenance, and repairs on electric power control equipment, distribution lines, or electric-generating equipment. In communication with the Site/and or Power Plant Manager acts as the plant electrician and/or team lead:Work on power cables, transformers, insulators, and control equipment such as switches, circuit breakers, and panels. This includes collecting transformer oil samples that are tested for contamination as well as cleaning up contaminated sites;Assemble, repair, modify, replace, and install electrical quick change assembly components such as electrical cables and wiring harnesses associated with engine and transmission components and test the completed products;Use a variety of test equipment such as voltmeters, ohmmeters, multimeters, growlers, meggers, and specialized test sets to test for shorts, continuity, and defective wiring and connections;Use standard hand tools and micrometers to check for extensive wear of bushings, bearings, and gears. Assist on assignments involving equipment and components of greater complexity than those described above by performing discrete tasks such as routine disassembling, repairing, and reassembling the simpler components and then bench testing them;Disassemble, repair, modify, assemble, and test a variety of electrical equipment such as AC/DC motors (single, split, and three-phase), generators, starters, voltage regulators, servo mechanisms, alternators, transformers, actuators, power control panels, control sticks, instrument panels, or inverters;Check fields, armatures, wiring, commutators, and other electrical parts for continuity, voltage drop, ground shorts, opens, and overheating;Check and repair gears and clutches when these and other similar mechanical items are part of the accessory being serviced or repaired;Check shafts for clearance, balance, and warpage; they check the condition of bearings, noise filter capacitors, switches, rectifiers, variable resistors, diodes, relays, and governors according to work order requirements;Repair or replace items such as brushes, seals, bearings, gears, leads, armatures, and control parts. They recondition surfaces, modify if specified, and restore entire unit to serviceable condition;Use standard hand tools and a variety of test equipment such as voltmeters, ohmmeters, growlers, meggers, resistance bridges, and analyzers to test electrical characteristics. They use feeler, depth, tension, and spring gauges; micrometers; and dial indicators to measure clearances, tolerances, and dimensional;Use and maintain various hand and power tools of the trade.As directed by the Site Manager.


Experience in working on a team and training others;Familiarity with electrical components and knowledge of wiring (where and how controls are installed and operated);Experience working in international work environments in an expatriate or US military status;Proactive nature and strong interpersonal skills in collaborating, communicating and working with (1) Other managers and staff (to include Home Office management team), (2) Local and International subcontractors; (3) Army Corps of Engineers military representatives; and (4) Local officials as required.

Desirable qualifications:

Experience in installing and maintaining equipment electrical systems;

Years of experience:

4-6 years