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Architect Engineer

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Madinaty, Cairo, Egypt

Job DescriptionPrinciple Architect expert in design, manage a design from the pre-concept design stage till the completion of construction, manage graphics team, collaborate on projects with consultants, delegate tasks, and check projects for quality and consistency.Design managers often apply their artistic nature in corporate environments. They also collaborate with marketing, sales, and product engineer teams/consultants to check designs, ensure they succeed, and ensure messages land appropriately with customers.They develop and implement successful design strategies by outlining how the design team will create the project’s deliverables.They often manage several designers and evaluate individual design deliverables alongside team performance, delivering critical feedback when necessary. The principle Architect coordinates all design matters relating to a project, helping to ensure that the multi-disciplinary teams building the project work together smoothly and that everything is delivered on time and within budget. Job RequirementsQualified in Architectural Modeling whenever needed to test the original design intent of the projects and site capabilities.Talented in Designing architectural buildings and masterplans So, qualified in architectural presentation skills to help in visualizing the projects for more studying and verifying the consultant’s submission Support The marketing team in any visualization product need to verify the project’s description to clients and company presentation from the architectural point of view Coordinate all the design work required during design and construction projects. Manage the production of technical drawings and plans used to build a structure.Principle Architects bring together architects, structural and service engineers, along with specialist designers and BIM technicians, to create coordinated designs which can be used during the build and aid maintenance of the structure once complete.Reviewing and designing architectural and engineering plans.Ensuring all plans are compliant with governmental health and safety regulations.Researching and maintaining knowledge of various engineering disciplines, application methods, and materials.Monitoring the work of other Architects and making recommendations or scheduling workshops as required.Providing guidance to subcontractors like builders, plumbers, and electricians, and helping them interpret design specifications.Liaising with the owner to ensure all issues are addressed in a timely manner, and those project requirements are met.Ensuring the team works together to achieve set goals and targets.Acting as a mentor to new Architects and helping them fine-tune their design skills and improve their industry knowledge.Networking and consulting with various industry professionals.