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++++++++++++++introduction format++++++++++++++++++++ Am Carman Christina the admin manager of HOTEL OMNI MONTREAL CANADA, due to the expansion in our organization our HOTEL OMNI MONTREAL CANADA need 20 men and 20 women who can work and live in Canada, the hotel authority will pay for the ticket and arrange for the visa through our visa processing unit . you will only provide the necessary information needed by the immigration toward the processing of the visa to Canada , and also the visa fees will be paid by you to either our embassy in your country or an the immigration bureau home office in canada. interested applicant should reply back to email; NOTICE: The visa application fees will be paid by you and not the hotel management. Yours faithfully. Rose Grand ADMIN MANAGER. +++++++++++++++++++++Contract format+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ They use several images stolen from the real Hotel Omni Mont-Royal in Montreal, and other sites including a Canadian flag. Dear interested applicant, We received your letter concerning the job opportunity in our hotel. The management are pleased with the interest you have in working with our organization, we will be happy to welcome you to our hotel in Montreal Canada. These are the following vacancies below. Your application is highly welcome. HOTEL OMNI MONTREAL CANADA Email: THIS IS HOTEL OMNI MONTREAL IN CANADA DEAR APPLICANT, FOR MORE INFORMATION CONCERNING THE PROCESSING OF YOUR DOCUMENTS THROUGH OTTAWA IMMIGRATION BUREAU WILL ONLY LAST FOR THREE WEEKS BEFORE ALL YOUR TRAVEL LING DOCUMENTS WILL BE READY,THEN THE HOTEL MANAGER CAN NOW SEND YOUR TICKETS TO YOU . THIS IS ARE THE VACANCIES AVAILABLE AND ABOUT THE SALARY SCALE A, DRY CLEANERS------------ MONTHLY SALARY --- 2400 US DOLLARS B, ROOM CLEANERS---------MONTHLY SALARY --- 2500 US DOLLARS C, BAR MAN ---------------------- MONTHLY SALARY--- 2700 US DOLLARS D, DRIVERS-------------------------------MONTHLY SALARY --- 3000 US DOLLARS. E. WAITERS------------------ MONTHLY SALARY----- 2500 US DOLLARS. F. HOTEL MANAGER ---------- MONTHLY SALARY----- 18000 US DOLLARS. G. COMPUTER ENGINEER ------- MONTHLY SALARY ---- 6500 US DOLLARS. H. FRONT DESK MANAGER-------MONTHLY SALARY------4500 US DOLLARS. I. RECEPTIONIST-----------------------MONTHLY SALARY-------3500US DOLLARS. J. ENTERTAINERS ----------------MONTHLY SALARY--------3000 US DOLLARS K. ACCOUNTANT------------------MONTHLY SALARY-------4000US DOLLARS. INTERESTED APPLICANT SHOULD APPLY FOR ANY OF THIS POST ! APPLICATION OPEN TO WORKER WITH THE FOLLOWING QUALIFICATIONS. HIGH SCHOOL GRAD VOC/TECH SCHOOL SOME COLLEGE COLLEGE GRAD SOME POST GRAD POST GRAD DEGREE 2-4 YEARS WORKING EXPERIENCE IN ANY HOTEL MANAGEMENT PREFERABLE INTERNATIONAL 3-5 STAR HOTEL RATINGS. IF THE APPLICANT DID NOT HAVE HOTEL EXPERIENCE OUR MANAGEMENT WILL TRAIN HIM/HER FOR THE PERIOD OF SIX MONTH, BY WHICH HE/SHE WILL BE PAID HALF OF THE SALARY UNTIL THE END OF THE TRAINING. PLEASE INDICATE THE POSITION YOU ARE APPLYING FOR AND YOUR CREDENTIALS. YOU ARE TO CONTACT OUR ADMIN MANAGER RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR APPLICATION PROCEDURES. APPLICATION SHOULD BE ADDRESS TO THE MRS CARMAN CHRISTINAADMIN MANAGER HOTEL OMIN MONTREAL CANADA. YOUR TRIP TO CANADA. THE HOTEL WILL PAY FOR YOUR TICKETS, FEEDINGS, AND ACCOMMODATION FOR A PERIOD OF ONE MONTH. DUE TO OUR NEW IMMIGRATION LAW AFTER ONE MONTH TOURIST VISA, THE HOTEL MANAGEMENT WILL EXTEND YOUR VISA AND ALSO APPLY FOR YOUR WORKING PERMIT. TERMS AND CONDTIONS 1.Candidates must have a valid international passport with the enough space to insert his/her visa. 2.All the process will be held by our organisation and every candidate must be under our control. 3.Candidates must choose one special work for his/her self out of all the vacancy jobs listed. 4.We do not allow any illegal or uneccessarily documents or packages during your journey to canada. 5.Our organisation prefer to accept candidates in group than one candidates, because it will easy to process their visa as tourist group. Note: All the candidates need to obey the rules and regulations otherwise you will be refused a visa by our immigration bureau. MRS CARMAN CHRISTINA AND SEND THIS FORM....................................................... APPLICATION FORM (1) YOUR FULL NAME: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (2) CONTACT ADDRESS :---------------------------------------------------------------------------- (3) SEX:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (4) AGE:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (5) MARITAL STATUS:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (6) POST APPLYING :--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (7) WORKING EXPERIENCE:------------------------------------------------------------------------ (8) EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION:----------------------------------------------------------- (9) NATIONALITY:------------------------------------------------------------------ - -------------------- (10) PASSPORT NUMBER (if any):--------------------------------------------------------------- AND SEND THIS FORM........................................................ ................. NOTICE: IF APPLYING AS A GROUP EACH APPLICANT SHOULD COPY THE FORM AND SEND SEPERATELY, SEND YOUR APPLICATION BY EMAIL TO THE ADMIN MANAGER ROSE GRAND. IMPORTANT NOTICE; APPLY WITH YOUR NAME, EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS, NATIONALITY, POST APPLYING, MARITAL STATUS, AGE AND WITH YOUR INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT NUMBER IF ANY AT THE TIME OF APPLICATION. IF APPLYING IN GROUP, STATE THE NAMES AND PASSPORT NUMBER ONE AFTER THE OTHER. REGARDS (Signature graphic stolen from another site) CARMAN CHRISTINA GRAND ADMIN MANAGER. ++++++++++++++++++++Canadian visa application format+++++++++++++++++ Hotel Omni Montreal, Canada