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Job BriefWe are looking for a talented sales consultant with a proven track record of helping businesses increase their sales numbers and improving their sales associates’ performance to join our management consultancy team. Ultimately, a typical sales consultant shall monitor, analyze, and interpret sales data to assess the current performance in order to suggest sales strategies to enhance such performance and attain a sustainable sales growth for our clients. Key Responsibilities •Study our clients’ profiles, operations, products/services, costs, prices, profit margins to better assess their sales needs. •Study the benefits and advantages of the offered products/services versus the competition and the industry.•Study industry trends, competition status, and commercial opportunities.•Identify market segments and develop a well-structured plan to target them and increase the exposure of the offered products/services.•Work on sales penetration plans for new areas and markets.•Forecast sales projections, work with clients to set sales targets and develop relevant strategies to achieve it.•Ensure the sales team force is positive and are geared up for the challenge.•Follow up on adopted sales strategies with the client and the sales workforce to ensure alignment and steadiness in achieving the set target.•Categorize customers into relevant classes and study their trends in terms of sales, receivables, product/service mix versus the adopted classes/categories.•Track the market’s ups and downs and keep an eye on the latest innovations/trends in the studied industry.•Study the need for discounts and promotions and support our clients with adopted advertisement campaigns.•Work on product/service bundles and offers by studying individual and collective profit contribution margins and the expected sales projections given the adopted bundles and offers.•Provide sales training to our clients and their sales team as deemed necessary.•Teach the sales workforce about converting leads to realized sales through good communication, follow-ups and positive attitude.•Advise the sales team on the message/impression to be imprinted in the customers’ minds to well-position the product/service.•Advise our clients on participation in trade shows, exhibitions, networking with local associations•Adopt, where and when necessary, IT solutions to facilitate and promote sales efforts and enhance the use of sales data for analysis and decision making.•Advise on good after sales service to customers to increase customer loyalty and retention.•Maintain a proper reporting system to extract the maximum benefit from recorded sales data.•Collaborate with the marketing department to prepare common strategiesQualifications •Bachelor Degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or any related field.•Master Degree is a plus.•At least 7 years of experience in Sales Management.•In-depth knowledge of Sales Tools and Techniques•Transferable set of sales skills across industries.•Familiarity with CRM programs and customer trends statistical analysis•Advanced interpersonal skills and ability to be both a leader and a team player.•Excellent communication skills•Excellent analytical skills•Excellent negotiation skills•Proficiency in MS Office.•Proficiency in English and Arabic. French is a plus.